FRIULI is about reinventing tradition to responsibly create high quality Furlane by the hand of the most experienced Italian artisans. The Furlane were born in the XIX century in north-east Italy, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia countryside. 

For decades women from the region have made them for the whole family, using the scarce resources available. The old bicycle tyres were used as waterproof soles; the canvases of sacks, from the transport of seeds and grains, were transformed into linings; the old clothes were transformed into the uppers. For special occasions, uppers were made in velvet, which became the classic fabric. 

A Friulian family first introduced them in Venice after the Second World War, becoming popular among the gondolieri when they understood the advantage of their features - their rubber sole was ideal to ensure stability in the gondolas and preserve their valuable paintings.

Legend says that these shoes, light and silent, were also used by Venetian nobles that sneaked like shadows through the dead of the night to meet their lovers.Handed down through generations, the fame of the Furlane spread and they became an icon of style, symbol of charm, quality and understated luxury.

FRIULI proudly keeps all the tradition and authenticity of the Furlane – all our models are handmade in Italy by handpicked artisans who have been producing them for over 70 years, preserving the old fine techniques enhanced with minor sustainable innovations and using natural Italian materials.

Timeless, genderless and ageless, FRIULI look good with any outfit, at any occasion – with jeans, fancy sets, loungewear… at a party, on the beach, at work, at home. Any time, anywhere.